A hydrogen breath test is performed to prove or to exclude a dysfunctional absorption of sugars (intolerance). This intolerance correlates with a low concentration of a particular enzyme, which is necessary for the digestion of sugars. If the lactose / fructose has not digested, certain bacteria use these sugars for their metabolism. This produces a residual product: hydrogen (H2). The amount of hydrogen can be measured in the exhaled breath. If the amount of hydrogen rises significantly after you have drunk lactose / fructose, this shows an intolerance.  

The examination consists in taking a breath sample each half hour (exhale in a tube). The test is not painful and lasts about 4 hours. 

How to prepare yourself for this test? 

  • The day before the examination:
    • Avoid food with a lot of fibres (brown bread, bran, pasta, chocolate, spicy sauces, muesli, fruit and vegetables) and candy (such as chewing gum)
    • Do not take food or beverage in the 12 hours before the test (water is allowed) → fasting from 8 PM (20:00) the previous evening
  • The morning of the examination:
    • Be on time at our center
    • Do not smoke before and during the test (as from midnight)
    • No strenuous exercise before or during the test
    • Do not eat food nor sweets before or during the test
    • Do not sleep during the test

If you recently had diarrhea or if you have taken antibiotics in the week prior to the test, please inform us before undergoing the test. This may be a reason for postponing the test. 

During the test, you can wait in the waiting room. Please bring some reading material.

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