KDMs presentasjon fra XMRV-konferansen

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Dette er frå Frank Twisk si side (nederlender) men ser du nederst på sida, så finn du den engelske teksten. Han har sett opp resultata på studien veldig tydelig, og utheva det som er viktigast.

RESULTS ( Prof.dr. med. Kenny De Meirleir og co)

The number of CD3+ T cells and CD57+ lymphocytes
was significantly lower
compared to the reference values.

C4a and elastase activity
were significantly higher
in the XMRV positive CFS population.

Soluble CD14
which codes for LPS in the plasma

was significantly higher
at p < 0.001 compared to the reference population.

XMRV positive CFS patients
had significantly higher
serum IL-10, MCP-1 , MIP-1 beta and IL-8 levels.

Serum levels of other cytokines
(IL-12, IL-1 beta, IL-6, TGF-beta and alpha-TNF)
were not statistically different
compared to the reference values.

Other lymphocyte subsets
no difference from the reference in the XMRV positive patients.

Stool lgA and lgG3
were statistically lower
in the XMRV positive patients.


The results of this preliminary study in a limited number of subjects
show that XMRV positive CFS patients have
lower than normal levels of lymphocytes and low numbers of CD57+ lymphocyte subtype
as in HIV.

The absolute numbers of CD4+ and CD8+T cells
were not statistically different from the reference values,
but expanding this study to a larger number of patients is necessary
to make solid statements in this regard.

XMRV-positive CFS patients have an activated innate immune system
(elastase activity, increased C4a)
which could be related to microbial translocation
as their sCD14 is significantly higher than expected;
sCD14 strongly correlates with plasma LPS 1.

Low stool IgA (in some of these 16 patients it was undetectable)
also points towards a dysfunctional mucosa-associated lymphomal tissue (MALT)
in XMRV-positive CFS patients.

Furthermore we found that
these patients as a group have lower than normal lgG3 serum levels.

The cytokines IL-8, IL-10, MCP-1 and MIP-1beta are increased
and might constitute a biological signature for the viral infection.

These observations and others
(unpublished data on serum levels of LPS in CFS patients)
provide evidence for
microbial translocation
being part of
the pathophysiology
of XMRV positive patients.”

Mvh Sun

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